Engineering sustainable food solutions for all.

Our story

After consuming microalgae for numerous reasons, Alvyn and Gaëtan conclude that it was a viable solution with the potential to redefine our food system for good. Algama was founded in 2013.

World leader in algae food

Since its founding, Algama has been the world leader in microalgae food and is proud to have the support of world-class impact investors like Horizons Ventures, Blue Horizon Ventures, CPT Capital, Veginvest, Beyond Impact, Alwyn Capital. All the team is dedicated to innovate and make microalgae a key resources for tomorrow’s daily food.

Our partners

Algama team

Algama team

We are focused on bringing microalgae-based foods to market, we are working hard to make our ingredients and products super tasty, affordable and widely available. We are expecting the team and we are looking for talents, innovateurs and entrepreneurs.